18 Things We Need To Seriously Stop Settling For In 2018

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Unhealthy friendships that make you feel terrible about yourself. Let go of the relationships in your life that only make you think and believe bad things about yourself.


Arm candy just to seem like you aren’t lonely. Stop trying to fill your void with other people or other bodies. Instead, fill your soul and heart up with people that are irreplaceable.


A one night stand that makes you feel more empty the next morning. You are more than a toy. You are worth more than a body. You are so much more than that. And you deserve better.


Toxic relationships that suck all the energy out of you. Life is too short to fill your calendar up with meetings and dates for people that make you feel like shit.


Almost relationships. Because you are worth more than someone telling you ‘maybe’ or ‘perhaps when the time is right’.


Half hearted love. Because your heart is a thing of beauty and to have it only be half loved would be a shame.


Being comfortable. We need to jump out of our comfort zones to truly live and to experience all the world has to offer us. So buy that ticket. Move to that shiny city. Apply for that job. Don’t settle for a life that hasn’t been lived.


Being friends with someone just because of ‘history’. Sure, you and your childhood friends have good memories, but if you don’t connect with one another, it’s time to move on.


A job that pays you well but makes you not want to get up in the morning. Life is honestly way too short to hate five days of the week out of seven.


A relationship that doesn’t make you feel adored or loved. We all deserve someone who gives us every reason to believe in ourselves and make us realize how lovable we are.


A life without a dog or a pet to wake up next to every day.


College friendships that you have nothing in common with anymore. Even if it hurts to lose them, you deserve friends that understand your goals and dreams. Life isn’t about partying it up on the weekend anymore.


Brunches without bottomless mimosas. Because duh.


Being part of the ‘in’ crowd from middle school because truthfully they are all probably fat and jobless now.


A job that will never give you a raise even though you work your ass.


Sex without orgasms. Get you a man or a woman who knows what they are doing.


A life full of ‘what if’s. Go after your dreams or else you will live with too many regrets.


Negative thinking. Because nothing good comes from that. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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