18 Lessons I Will Take With Me In 2018

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Don’t ever keep friendships that hold no value to you. Even though it will be painful to go through the loss of that person, it’s better to surround yourself with people that make you happy.


Sometimes in life you will truly fuck up. And when that happens, don’t make excuses. Owning up to your mistakes will save you grief down the road.


A best friend doesn’t have to be your 24/7 person. But a best friend is the first person who you call up when you’ve been ghosted or dumped. And at the same time, a best friend is someone who will be just as happy as you are when something in your life goes as planned.


No matter how old you get, you are always going to need people to support you. That doesn’t make you weak. That makes you that much stronger.


Eat that extra slice of cake. Drink that second glass of hot chocolate or of wine. It’s okay to indulge and it doesn’t make you a snob.


Not every boy or girl is going to find you attractive. That NEVER means that you are ugly. Don’t ever make a stranger define your self worth.


Talking shit about someone makes you just as bad as the person you’re talking about.


Take every chance and opportunity that you are handed. Don’t expect those things to come to you every day. Jump when the world gives you something you can’t say no  to.


There’s nothing uglier than a friend who talks badly behind your back. Do yourself a favor and lose them.


Not all men are the same. Have faith that the one you are meant to be with will happen when it is supposed to.


Don’t apologize for being happy.


Know your worth. If you are in a situation where your brilliance and your strengths aren’t being recognized, move on.


Never feel bad for taking a vacation. You deserve it. Work will wait. 


Love will live again. I promise.


Be kind to yourself. No matter the mistakes and the negativity that screams inside your brain, you’ve got to put yourself in first place.


Your mental health is never something to be ashamed about. Get the help that you need as soon as you feel that something is wrong.


Never ever change yourself for anyone (no matter how cool they seem).


Be gentle to your heart. Cradle it when it needs to be held. Breathe in your hurt and exhale it all out. You will go through pain and you will go through heartache, but your heart will be okay. You will be okay. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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