This Is Why She’s Glad You’re Finally Gone

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She can breathe now. She can finally relax. She can be herself.

Without you, she is more alive. Without you, she can smile and let herself shine. Without you, she is free to be who she wants to be. She is free to be someone new. She is free to be the someone that you never approved of. She’s free from all of your restraints and the box you put her in.

When she was with you she felt contained. She felt like she was never enough. Like her best still wasn’t anything that you liked or loved. When she was with you, she felt lost. Lost in who she thought she was. Lost with her heart and with herself.

When she was with you, she was never fully comfortable. She could never be herself. She could never be silly or weird or out of control. Because all you did was laugh at her. You made her feel dumb. You made her feel inferior. you made her feel small.

But the truth is, you were small. Not her.

She is so relieved. She can now take a deep breath and exhale. She can now be herself. She doesn’t have to be afraid anymore.

Without you, she is better. Without you, she is free to do what she wants, when she wants. All you ever did was control her. All you did was manipulate her. You called it love, but it wasn’t love at all.

Without you, she can learn how to love herself. She can learn that real love isn’t something to fear. That real love doesn’t feel so bad. That real love isn’t what you had with her.

Without you, she can finally heal on her own without the past coming around every corner. She can sleep at night without anxiety. She can go out with her friends without your ghost haunting her every move.

She can be her own person now without your nagging. Without your weights on her back. Without the insults and the lies and the mistreatment. She can be who she wants to be. And she never asks to ask for your permission ever again.

Not now and not ever. You see, without you, she’s free. She’s finally free.  Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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