49 Locals Tell You What You Absolutely Must Not Do In Their Home Countries

41. LaPlaya

Lithuania: Dont be in persons personal space (same as northern countries), you might get a hit to a face if you do that. Also don’t randomly smile at people you might get a hit to a face if you do that. Don’t hit on hot girls in the club if some guys are nearby. You will probably get a hit to a face if you do that.

42. xXSgtSprinklesXx


  • Don’t talk while using public transit (train, bus, etc).
  • Try not to eat and walk
  • Don’t stand on the right side of an escalator (stand on the left so others can pass on the right if they are walking)

43. MJmcnult

Thailand: Do not say anything bad about the king or royal family (the crime of lèse-majestè carries a fifteen year sentence). Dress conservatively at holy sites (wats, shrines). Avoid showing or pointing the soles of your feet toward someone. Avoid touching anyone’s head.

44. ComeAlongPonds

Middle Earth: Don’t mention the Hobbits. We’re sick of them.


45. juv7

El Salvador, along with many Latin American countries, do not speak English. In El Salvador, there are people who wait for potential tourists and stalk them. If you speak English, they assume you are from America and therefore have money, so chances are you’re getting mugged when they see the opportunity. My uncle recently went there, got on a bus, said “thank you” rather than “gracias” and got mugged right then and there.

46. morseman

Paraguay here. Don’t be a foreigner in front of a cop. DO NOT let cops see your passport or hear your accent. If you have a local friend, let them do the talking when dealing with cops. In fact just stay as far away from police as you can. Expect to cough up about 50 bucks every time you ignore this warning.

47. DrunkenAnticsDesert



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