49 Locals Tell You What You Absolutely Must Not Do In Their Home Countries

18. umkhunto

Understand in South Africa race is an issue. Also understand in South Africa our understanding of “Coloured” is different from the rest of the world. It’s a completely separate demographic and if you “mixed race” a coloured person in South Africa, get ready for a whoopin’. Coloured people are VERY proud.

EDIT: Also, unless you are born and raised in Africa, do not call yourself “African” or say things like “you are home.” If you are descendant from African slaves (Yes, looking at you, people from the US.), you are not African. You are many generations removed and are either American or European. Claiming you are African, when it is clear as daylight you are from North America or Europe will not score you any points.
Other than that, we like beer, we like braaiing and if you like doing that, you’ll fit right in.

19. cakesarelies

I’m ashamed of saying this.

India, if you are female, don’t travel alone.

20. 43sza


  • Don’t show up to a Holy site (Jewish, Muslim, or Christian) in short shorts and a tank top.
  • Don’t attempt to shake hands with religious people of the opposite gender.
  • Don’t walk past a security guard without opening your bag for inspection, especially if the metal detector buzzes.

21. Lewisc7593

Do not, under any circumstances come to Scotland and:

  1. Call anyone English.
  2. Shout “FREEDOM” expecting a reaction (seriously saw someone do this once at Edinburgh castle).
  3. Turn down a drink – the measure of a man is directly proportional to how much alcohol he can consume.

22. corporateswine

Serious one here for Aussies and Brits visiting American and Canada: DON’T SAY CUNT! Even if you mean it as a term of endearment, say motherfucker, cocksucker, slimy bastard and shithead all you want but steer clear of the big C.



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