49 Locals Tell You What You Absolutely Must Not Do In Their Home Countries

23. Austiz

Deal drugs, punishment is death, Singapore

24. NimX3

Deal drugs, punishment is death, China

25. tardisrider613

Deal drugs, just don’t stand in the bike lane, Netherlands.

26. Grepus


  • Mention anything to do with Gibraltar being Spanish or a part of Spain.
  • Ask why Gibraltar is British and why it should be given back to Spain.
  • That’s about it… Also, please don’t feed the monkeys, the signs are for your protection, the little fuckers are vicious!

27. darkjaegerz20

Never walk in the streets especially at night.

Never trust to any police officer.

Never take a taxi in the streets.

Never show your money in public.

Never use cellphones in the streets.

I am from Venezuela

28. ResplendentGlory

India. Do not ask for steak, ribs, hamburgers or anything that you usually eat that contains beef at a restaurant. The non-Hindu brown people can get away with it, but as a tourist, you’ll be served and then jumped outside the door by religious nuts who have something against the “white invaders.”



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