49 Locals Tell You What You Absolutely Must Not Do In Their Home Countries

29. gee118

Latvia: Specifically Riga, don’t climb the monument of freedom (or probably any monument). The police arrest you and will probably hit you with a baton. Source: Baton

Arian Zwegers
Arian Zwegers

30. Melodic_692

New Zealand.

  • Don’t piss us off
  • Don’t make fun of the Haka/li>
  • Don’t spontaneously combust/li>
  • Don’t fuck our goats/li>

31. CharizardTurtle

Switzerland, don’t assume that people can’t understand you if you speak English, EVERYONE speaks English. I’ve heard many foreigners speaking too loudly and vulgarly in public (I’m foreign myself).

32. VJ24601

American here. Please do some research on the tipping etiquette we have here. Many waiters/waitresses/bartenders earn most of their income through tips. Having worked in the restaurant industry, I can tell you that it is really frustrating to give great service to a table of tourists but then get $2 on an $80+ bill.

33. benartmao

North Korea here…

You are not allowed to post anything about the Country on the internet.. if you do someone will come over to your house and


34. Boozdeuvash

France: don’t put water in the wine, don’t put sauce on the cheese, don’t put alcohol on a dish (if it’s supposed to come in alcohol, there’s already some in it); exception: ice cream, you can add appropriate amount of the appropriate liquor. And if you ask for direction, ALWAYS introduce the conversation with a polite formula (bonjour, Excusez-moi, fall back to english if you cant memorize the french ones). Few things come more rude to us than a stranger starting a conversation with “do you know where the Louvre is?”. “Good morning to you too…”



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