49 Locals Tell You What You Absolutely Must Not Do In Their Home Countries

Lebanon. Don’t go to the Muslim part of towns. My cousin was kidnapped until my uncles we able to contact someone from Hezbollah and the Lebanese forces.

Basically if you look anything like an American and not Muslim, don’t go unless you are with friends or family. If you do go know enough arabic to know when to nod and not to.

48. dahvdahv


Assume that everyone you meet is sketch as fuck. Don’t get into a stranger’s car, don’t go to a stranger’s house, don’t try a stranger’s food, don’t drink a stranger’s drink, don’t hold a stranger’s purse, don’t let a stranger hold your shit, etc, etc, etc.

Peru has improved a lot as a country, but Lima is a city where you still need to be very aware of your surroundings, and because of the high rate of poverty and crime, you need to be very careful.

49. hutxhy

Bolivia: Don’t expect cars to stop for you when you want to cross the street. We play real life frogger everyday.



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