32 Fast Food Workers Reveal The Weirdest, Most Bizarre Stories They’ve Experienced While Working Drive-Thru

28. This conversation

I was once working drive – thru orders and this lady came up the speaker, I greeted her and then told her to order whenever she was ready. She said that she wasn’t going to order anything and that she just needed someone to talk to. The customer is always right so I talked with her about how my day was going and then she told me she has herpes. I was dumbstruck, this lady probably just found out she had herpes and the only one she could talk to was the drive-thru guy? I was floored and talked to her for a few minutes and then she said that she had better go unlike the herpes she had. Never saw her face or even her car. I kinda wish I had her come to my window.

29. You dumbass

Well this isn’t a DT window story, but its funny and involves a drive thru. I was working as a manager for Tim Hortons in Ontario. And I was walking through the parking lot and checking to make sure everything was up to standard. A lady that was stopped in the drive thru queue line called me over. And proceeded to tear me a new one, that she has been waiting here for 10 minutes in front of the speaker. And that this was the worst service she has ever seen etc. After her rant I politely told her that this was a garbage can and that the speaker box was just up a bit more.


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