32 Fast Food Workers Reveal The Weirdest, Most Bizarre Stories They’ve Experienced While Working Drive-Thru

32. Revenge is sweet

Worked at Popeyes while in high school. With 10 minutes till closing one Friday night a customer pulled up and ordered a rather large amount of chicken and sides.

In case you are wondering they try to time these things out based on previous sales so we: a) Did not have enough chicken to fill the order b) Did not have enough side items to fill the order

So I tell the guy it will be almost 20 minutes to get his order together because we would have to drop chicken in the fryer. Dude says that’s cool and pulls around after I give him the total. I am not happy about the event since the cook has left for the night so I have fry the chicken, re clean the frying station, open new side items bags/ingredients, and update the cooks inventory sheet (since he already left). Plus I will be late, but what ever it’s a job.

Dude comes to the drive through window, I slide the widow back, and I tell him his total. Guy never turns his head towards me keeps his eyes straight ahead and proceeds to throw a wad of crumpled up cash and coins at my face. The snowball of dirty change hits me straight in the face when I hear him say “catch”. I stand there stunned while the currency falls to the floor and watch in disbelief as he (still looking straight ahead out his windshield) pulls the switch to roll up his window. Guy never looks at me.

Since it was almost closing time I already counted my drawer and now I am going to have to bend over pick up the bills and coins to insure my register amount is correct. Well some of the dimes, nickels, and quarters rolled underneath the tables which sucked. Why? Because the floors still had the cleaning solvent put down since everyone was in cleanup mode when this happened.

So I’m a senior in high school, working Friday night, got hit in the face with balls of coins and cash, and now my pant knees are going to be wet the whole way home since this douche decided to just fling money at me.

20 minutes go by and I start to bag his order. I put the chicken box in, I put the mash potato, dirty rice, and mac and cheese containers in, I pull back the sealing lids on top of the side items just slightly, and I approach the drive-thru window.

Now the guy rolls his window down when I slide back the drive-thru window and looks at me with a smile on his face because he is about to get his order. I sling the bag of fried chicken and side items as hard as could out my window, through his window, and the bag explodes against his passenger side window. Mashed potatoes, dirty rice, and mac and cheese are everywhere. I yelled “catch” when I did it.


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