32 Fast Food Workers Reveal The Weirdest, Most Bizarre Stories They’ve Experienced While Working Drive-Thru

21. Nudist

I worked at McDonalds when I was 16. We had a guy that would drive through the drive thru completely naked.

22. Welp.

Worked at a Starbucks through high school and part of university. We were supposed to chat up the patrons in the drive thru to make their wait a little more bearable.

Anyway, couple comes through, and they ask me, “If you were a dildo, what colour would you be?”

Green, duh.

And then there was this one time, Another couple came through in a big pickup truck. I ask how their day has been, and the female responds with “I was just released from the hospital.”

I say, “Good to hear you are all better!” and she then proceeds to tell me she was in a car accident and is paralyzed from the waist down. My jaw hits the floor and I am speechless. I hand them their drinks, wish them off, and watch as the wheelchair speeds off in the back of the truck. I’ll never forget that encounter. That made me feel like a piece of shit.

23. Fuck Yu-gi and his goddamn blue-eyes white dragon

I worked at McDonalds for almost two years. The strangest incident would have to be the kid who attempted to pay me in pokemon cards by explaining how much each was worth on eBay. When I explained to him that his cards could not be used as currency he became upset, accused me of being a “dirty Yu-Gi-oh fan” and drove off, leaving me confused with both his cards and his food.

24. Uhh…

25. Inspiring!

I had dude driving without arms come through my line at Taco Bell, driving a modified Gran Prix with his feet. It appeared to be a defect he was born with, he was even able to count out change and hand it to me with his toes!! I was 18 at the time, and it taught me that the only limits we have are the ones we place on ourselves. Inspiring.


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