32 Fast Food Workers Reveal The Weirdest, Most Bizarre Stories They’ve Experienced While Working Drive-Thru

18. He was sure as hell mad

I had an experience where a drive-thru worker was being weird? Does that count?

One early Saturday morning in high school, my buddy and I were blazing really hard. We had started smoking right after school got out around 2:30p on Friday, and were rolling all the way until around 2a Saturday morning. We were gonzo as shit — and we were doing this marathon thing trying to block the munchies. Every time one of got an urge to eat, we would force ourselves to take another rip to tide it off. Long story short: we were toasted.

We ended up caving around 2a and driving (I know, dumb to drive) to the nearest Burger King. We go through the drive-thru, it’s totally dead, not a soul or car in the area, and we order a shit-ton of food. We pull up to the cashier window, and the cashier is this older 50ish year old dude who seemed to the only one in the entire restaurant.

He looks right at us, and asks with total sincerity, “you kids got herb?”

My friend and I both bust out laughing, vehemently denying it, naturally. But the man persisted and asked three more times — eventually we caved and said yeah, we did. He then propositioned us with as much free food as we wanted and could eat that morning if we split a blunt with him in the back.

We naturally fucking agreed.

We met him around back near the dumpsters, rolled a paper, and blazed the shit out of the back of the BK. We finish the blunt, he proposes we roll another. We decline. He gets mad. Starts charging at my buddy, trying to take the rest of the weed stash. I help him fight this rouge BK worker off, and the guy is absolutely irate. Yelling and shit, freaking the fuck out.

We sprint back to the car, and peel the fuck out. We looked back and the dude was chasing us down the road on foot. Wild.

19. I call bullshit on this one

A bunch of stoners came through the drive through and only managed to order exactly $4.20 worth of food, paid with a $20, and left without their change.

Every aspect of the interaction blew my mind.

20. Hero…in?

Had a man and woman come thru and order. They get to the window and he falls asleep in the 60 seconds he is sitting there. The lady wakes him up and he pays. Then before we could hand his food out to him we noticed his truck started to roll. I get to the window in time to see the truck scraping the building. He got onto the highway woke up and floored it. He came back 30 minutes later and ordered something completely different. He didn’t know that he had been by KFC already. Manager called cops and we kept him in the drive thru until they got there.


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