32 Fast Food Workers Reveal The Weirdest, Most Bizarre Stories They’ve Experienced While Working Drive-Thru

13. What the hell was going on

I was working the drive thru at Starbucks and I got these trashy people (I could tell they were trashy because of how much extra Carmel Drizzle they wanted on their Vanilla Beans) and when the car pulls up the girl (in the passenger seat) is giving the guy (the driver) a hand job. His dick was just out in the open. They gave zero fucks. They were so casual about it like it was totally normal. To this day I don’t think I fully understand what happened that night. Thinking back I wish I said, when repeating their order back, “Two venti Vanilla Beans with extra Caramel Jizzle?”

14. Creepy exhibitionism

I work at Tim Hortons. One night, guy pulls up to the window. As I take his money, I think I saw his dick in his hand but I wasn’t completely sure since it was dark. I already took his $20 bill and I owe him his change so this time when I open the window I look down at his lap, sure enough he is masturbating. Except his penis wasn’t even erect, he was just jerking this small floppy penis. I froze for a few seconds, then gave him his change and said have a good night and shut the window.

15. What a shit job

When I was in high school I worked at a burger joint. At first they’d always put me on the fryer, and that fucking sucked. The guy who supervised me was Joe. Joe was pretty much a dick, and was always yelling at me for some shit. Way above and beyond new guy shit…. Anyways

One day they take me off that son of a bitch fryer, and put me on the window. Start my shift, and shit is going good. Then, near the end of the night this one ole boy rolls back around the drive through. I open the window, and he looks me dead in the eye, and says “my tots aren’t fucking done you stupid piece of shit!” AND THROWS THE BAG AT ME. Guess who’s on the fryer? THAT PIECE OF SHIT JOE. So, we cooked the guy some more tots and Joe somehow blamed that shit on me. I worked there like 5 months. Did not have much fun. Good shakes though.

16. Creepy?

I was working the drive through teller window at the bank one day. Then a guy pulls up with a fully clothed blow up doll in the passenger seat. “She” was all buckled up and everything. I looked at “her”, and then at him, and he creepily said “It’s so I can use the carpool lanes.”

17. For shits n’ giggles

I’ve had multiple people drive through it in reverse. Kind of impressive honestly.


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