32 Fast Food Workers Reveal The Weirdest, Most Bizarre Stories They’ve Experienced While Working Drive-Thru

26. I guess ordering diet coke after ordering three big macs is a big deal

Good god I only worked at McDonalds for 3 months.

Car with 4 ghetto black guys receive their massive order of $1 burgers. Before they drive off they say “Ey, you gotta light?” “Yeaaaa” Give them my lighter. They literally light up a blunt in the drive thru.

Valentines Day. Who brings their date to Mcdonalds? Well mostly high-schoolers, it was also next to a movie theater so whatever. Then, this 50 year old woman comes in by herself. Orders 2 meals while repeatedly mentioning that her husband will be here any minute. He never came, I’m sure he never existed. Sad.

Seeing homeless people come out from the forest drunk, pay for a few burgers in dimes and nickels, stumble back to the forest.

Morning, car full of construction workers in a van, getting food before their shift. Passing around a blunt. Personally I find nothing wrong with weed, but seriously.

Nice quiet, polite kid came about 3 times a week. Always brought his massive German Shepherd in the back. I sure he got some burgers. :)

Got screamed at by an old black guy because I didn’t give him Splenda on the side. SCREAMED at.

15 teenagers in the dining area being rowdy, whatever, but they’re cursing like mechanics and there’s quite a few little kids in the place. Our cherry shift manager asks politely to stop, which somehow makes her a “stupid ugly bitch.”

Woman’s food is going to take longer than expected. To keep up with times we ask her to pull in a spot. I don’t remember what she said, basically fuck fuck shit, I ain’t fucking moving.


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