32 Food Service Workers Describe The Awkward, Ridiculous Dates They’ve Waited On

26. The nerve of this jackass

I was working for a little mom and pop type Italian restaurant, and it was going to close in about 30 minutes, so I was the only server left in the shop. This couple ambles on in, heading straight for the back room, and right away I can tell that something is weird. The guy is asking me to turn down the lights to make it more “romantic,” and when I take their drink orders, she orders a glass of wine and he orders a glass of milk. I had been there for about 5 months, and we had milk for people to put in their coffee if they asked for it, but I had never had a single customer, child or adult, ask me for a glass of milk. I bring them out their drinks and take their orders, and when I return to bring them their dinner salads, the guy asked for another glass of milk. It’s not exactly important to the story, but it was one of the clues to why he was so weird. Anyway, I bring him his milk, and eventually bring out their entrees. The guy was going on and on about how he wanted this to be romantic because they hadn’t seen each other in ages, and how he works at hooters and this place is way more romantic, blah blah blah, so I leave them alone, although in the back of my mind I was REALLY hoping they weren’t going to have sex in the restaurant.

So I’m in the front room rolling silverware, when suddenly I hear glass shattering and the woman storms out. I ran back to the room to see the guy standing there looking pissed, but whatever, now I have to clean up the wine glass that the bitch smashed. He proceeds to tell me that he thought everything was going really well, but when he told her what he had been up to in the past few years, she yelled, “I don’t wanna know who you fuck!” threw the glass on the ground, and ran out. To be fair, as a lady, this is not something I would really care to hear, either. I finish cleaning up the broken glass and tell the guy his total (it was around $40), and watch him throw cash on the table including my $2 tip (seriously? 5% after all of the trouble you’ve caused?) and THEN he goes, “hey, you seem like a cool chick and you’re pretty. You wanna go out sometime? I’m Justin, the drummer from Sevendust.”


You just told me that you work at HOOTERS.

You left me a 5% tip.

You just bombed this date and I watched.

The drummer for Sevendust is Morgan Rose.

“Um…no thanks.”

27. Emoji is relevant

During a shift once another waiter had a table with a couple who slowly started getting louder. They just kept having mini outbursts. Enough that people knew that there was a fight going on, but not enough that everyone was staring yet. Then seemingly out of nowhere, shortly after receiving their food, the dude flips the table, with food and drinks and all, on to her.

(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻︵ヽ(`Д´)ノ

He then walks out of the store leaving her covered in steak, baked potatoes, and margaritas. She’s just sitting there in shock for a good minute before my manager went over to help her get cleaned up. He then comp’ed their meal and she left with an incredibly embarrassed look on her face. Felt immensely bad for her.

28. I guess she was an environmentalist

My waitress saw it once. I was at an expensive steakhouse in NYC, and was out with a girl that I thought was going to be the one. We had a decent date, we were finishing up with dinner and she looked at me and said, “alloftheproblems, sometimes I’m embarassed to be seen with you. I really love you, but you’re not my type of guy.” I kind of sat there with a WTF look on my face.

I’m a normal guy, have tattoos, dress decently. She was what you could call a “hipster” and insanely depressed. I guess I wasn’t supposed to be upset with what she said after I just dropped $250 on dinner.

She excused herself to the bathroom and my waitress came over and said she heard everything and couldn’t believe what she heard and kept apologizing for this girl she didn’t even know. It kind of broke my heart, she came back from the bathroom and we went out, got back in the car and drove back to the Bronx. She acted like nothing ever happened. That night when she went to sleep I packed my bags and haven’t seen her since.



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