32 Food Service Workers Describe The Awkward, Ridiculous Dates They’ve Waited On

Dating is tough. You meet a nice person, you ask them out for coffee, or dinner, and you two try to find common ground with each other. Do you click? Is there chemistry? If not, oh god, aren’t we grasping at anything that comes into our heads? What if you’re married and you’re dating someone else? What if your partner finds out about your adultery? What then? If you’re at a restaurant, don’t worry. Your servers will be right with you. Care to read more? Check out this Reddit thread for more ridiculous stories.

1. Can you believe this guy?

The favorite date I ever got to see was a super hot chick and a pretty good looking guy. they ordered tons of drinks, several apps, two steak dinners and a lobster, then dessert. At this point the guy excuses himself to go to the bathroom. The dessert shows up and the girl waits for him to comeback from the bathroom. 10 minutes go by and she asks one of the busboys to check the restroom. The guy had bailed on her and left the check for her. All of that was about $150. She started crying, it was awful. Most of the waitstaff tossed in to cover the bill and one of the waitresses gave her a ride home. The guy was banned from the place and we got to toss him out 2 times trying to come back with other dates.

2. Err…umm…

I used to wait on this guy and a woman who would come in and sit in the bar area every now and then. A great couple, always very sweet to each other like they were newly in love. They always ordered the same drinks, split an app and tipped very well. One day I saw him in the restaurant on a very busy Friday night and I immediately start in with a friendly, “HEY!” and see that he’s not eagerly smiling back. He’s in the booth with a woman that I’ve never seen before who is looking over the menu leisurely, sitting across from 2 energetic kids asking their dad if they can have chocolate milk. It was beyond awkward. I have no idea why he’d bring his family to he and his mistress’s favorite restaurant, but I didn’t feel comfortable waiting on them and transferred the table.

3. Waitress deserves a huge tip

At a bar with amazing burgers only a couple blocks from my house. I’m sitting there with my date, having a pleasant evening. Next table over 40ish guy with 30ish gal. Both are very smiley, both are very affectionate (nothing weird, just lots of hand holding, her fixing his hair a couple times, couple quick kisses). They finish up when we’re midway through our meal. Less than 5 min after they leave he comes back, slips on the ol’ wedding band, and in walks woman closer to his age. They kiss, sit and begin talking about their day. All conversation between my date and I has stopped as we just eat and give each other wide eyed side glances. Waitress comes over, gives a hesitant hello, recovers and successfully hides her own shock.


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