32 Food Service Workers Describe The Awkward, Ridiculous Dates They’ve Waited On

7. Red flag?

My sister worked as a waitress at a very classy restaurant.

When a couple came in the girl went to the washroom and the guy pulled my sister aside and told her he was planning to propose so to bring out dessert at the end even if they didn’t order one. My sister let him know she could get the cooks to do something nice for him.

As the time was coming around almost all of the workers in the restaurant knew what was about to happen. The cooks got a huge plate with a white chocolate brownie and wrote “will you marry me?” on it. All of the cooks were trying their best to watch but not be obvious, as was all of the waiters.

My sister brought out the plate and the girl was sitting on her phone as the plate was put in front of her and the boyfriend pulled out the ring. My sister didn’t say anything and slowly backed away.

The boyfriend said the girls name but she just said hold on and kept texting on her phone. The restaurant got pretty quiet as all the servers were waiting for her response to the proposal and people saw him pull out a ring, but she didn’t notice and took another minute before finally looking up.

By then the boyfriend was pretty upset and let down, but forced a smile and proposed. She got all happy and said yes, but my sister said the boyfriend looked pretty pissed and embarrassed and once everyone was back to work and eating she could see them arguing.

8. I wonder what happened

I tend bar at a nice restaurant. Once I had a couple come in and sit down, celebrating something. (New job or something) She ordered a champagne by the glass. “No, no” he said and ordered one of our better champagnes by the bottle. He spent about $150 on it. The couple was enjoying their first course. When I went back down the bar to check on them she was sobbing. He looked mad. I turned around and left them alone. Pretty soon, he stepped away to the bathroom and while he was gone, she got her purse and left. He came back and canceled the main courses, paid his bill, left me the rest of the bottle (75% full) and a $100 tip on a $170 check. He left. I never found out what happened. The champagne was delicious.

9. Oh. Oh…OH…

I’m a bartender at a major chain restaurant. A couple stumbles in about 15 minutes before close. They’re talking loudly and sit at the bar. I’m a little pissed off so I finish wiping down the bottles before acknowledging them. I can hear everything they’re saying but it’s all very coded language so I have no clue what they’re fighting about.

“No, you said you were going to take the train,” the man says. “You promised me three times!”

“I can’t I can’t, I just can’t do it,” the woman says.

When I turn around and ask them what they would like to drink the man orders 10 shots of the strongest liqueur we have (which is Rumplemintz). I tell him I can’t serve that many shots to just two people.

He says, “There’s three of us. I’m trying to make it two people,” and pulls out a $100.00 bill and lays it on the bar.



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