32 Food Service Workers Describe The Awkward, Ridiculous Dates They’ve Waited On

19. He got burned

A guy came in with a woman who was apparently the “other” woman. His girlfriend came in and threw lye on him. We had to evacuate the store.

20. Worst joke ever

Blind date. Guy made a joke (in front of me) about needing the get the girl drunk…she got up and walked away.

21. Pleading for it really doesn’t make the situation any better

I used to waitress at this Thai Restaurant and we were a date hotspot. One night this guy and gal come in (mid 30s) and sit down at a booth on the same side. Cute. I come over, take their orders, and throughout the night they’re completely flirty and it’s clear this is only their second, maybe third date from the questions they’re asking each other. Anyway, towards the end of their meal I hear him say in a much louder voice than he had been using all night, “What do you mean you’re waiting till marriage?!” He takes his arm from around the girl as he’s saying it. She gets this sassy look on her face that’s just priceless and says, “Is that a problem?” He literally spends the rest of the night trying to convince her in this pleading/informative tone why having sex before getting married is normal and healthy. She would have none of it. They ended up paying separately and left through different doors.

22. So, ladies and gentlemen, what is the moral of the story

Every 2 weeks, like clockwork, this sleazy guy would frequent the Mexican food/cantina joint that my brother worked at and he would have a different girl (half his age) with him every time. You probably know the type of guy he was, somewhat wealthy, divorced, totally full of himself dude in his 40’s. He would keep the cheap margaritas flowing in hopes of bringing home these girls as his latest conquest and, if the girl wasn’t responding, he wouldn’t hesitate to hit on the the female staff any chance he got. Since my brother was one of the few dudes on staff, he ended up on “creeper duty” and would often be the one waiting on this guy and his dates.

Well, eventually, my brother noticed he was bringing the same woman in for a few consecutive visits. He seemed to mellow out a little and actually seemed to really be into this new woman.

Then one night, shit hit the fan. My brother was bringing out their drinks when he noticed they seemed to be having an argument. The night got worse and eventually the woman got up mid enchilada, went out for a smoke, made some calls and waited out front until someone came and picked her up.

Sleazeguy spent the next half hour sitting in front of his plate of tacos, desperately on the phone looking progressively more depressed. As my brother was collecting the money for the meal, the guy said something along the lines of “Don’t even bother with women, kid. They’ll just break you.” That was the last time they saw him.



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