32 Food Service Workers Describe The Awkward, Ridiculous Dates They’ve Waited On

13. Um, what

I used to wait tables at wedding receptions. Once another waiter and I caught a couple having sex downstairs near the storeroom and promptly advised them to return upstairs to the party.

As the night wore on, it became clear that the gentleman we had caught was there with his wife and the woman he was boning was a close friend of said wife. Later in the night, the woman broke down in tears, clearly upset by the mistake she had made, only to be comforted by the wife, who then asked me to call them a cab as the friend was, “too sad to go home alone tonight.”

The husband looked sheepish as fuck until the cab arrived, at which point he took his wife and his mistress home for the night.

14. Goddamn, that tension

A couple on a date, sitting having a meal and chatting, just a normal date. A guy comes in who turns out to be the woman’s soon-to-be ex-husband and, at first, justs asks to talk to her. She refuses. He asks louder and she refuses louder. Lather, rinse, repeat, getting louder. The man on the date stands up and tries to calm the ex-husband down. He starts screeching at him and her and everyone around. The ex-husband sweeps all the food and drinks off the table on to the floor and wants to fight the male date. A nearby waiter steps forward to try to calm the ex-husband down. He takes a swing at the waiter. GAME ON!

All the other waiters surround the guy, drag him to the ground and drag him out of the restaurant. Ex-husband is screaming profanities as he’s being dragged out, woman on date is sitting in silence.

All is calm after the ex-husband is dragged out. After a few seconds of stunned silence the woman on the date smiles nicely to her date and says, “So,… Do you like movies? Have you seen any good ones lately?”

15. It’s almost like HIMYM

I’m happy to say I saw the opposite when I was bartending. Had a couple guys who were regulars every Friday night. One night they come in with a couple girls – double date! Pretty soon the girls were there with them most Fridays. Fast-forward about a year, we were closing the restaurant early to go to one of the couple’s wedding.



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