32 Food Service Workers Describe The Awkward, Ridiculous Dates They’ve Waited On

31. Ah, that’s why she wanted to sit outside

I work in a sports bar/burger joint. Last week a woman came in and wanted to sit on the patio which was odd on account of it still being in the high 90s despite being well after sundown. She sat down and ordered a Long Island iced tea and a water while she waited on one more person. A few minutes her SO showed up and immediately complained it was too hot and wanted to move inside. They pick themselves out a booth and as he is ordering a beer the woman slips me a $20. I bring his beer over and she asks me to take a picture of them and hands me her phone. I noticed her phone was set to video not picture and asked if she wanted me to change it. “Just hit the button” she says. Once the filming starts she stands up, yells “don’t you ever come to my house or talk to me again” as she throws both her drinks in his surprised face. I handed her the phone and she walked out the door.

32. Yes…because ice cream solves everything

Well, I got to witness a marriage proposal turn into a screaming match and watch a relationship fall apart all in a matter of 90 minutes or so. They had started dining, there was a note from the hostess that he’d be proposing, everyone was happy and everything was going alright. He popped the question about halfway through dinner and she was ecstatic, next time I checked on them she was on the phone calling everyone she knew, telling the parents, describing the ring, etc. Then things took a turn without warning. I came back to check on them, she was getting very hostile and asking him questions about “Her” and “Who the fuck does she think she is?”. At some point I overheard hear talking about his “Private Condo” and prying into his life to find out what he was doing with a condo that, from what I could tell, she didn’t even know about. I was able to piece together that he had been cheating on her whenever he left town, he had a girl staying in this fancy condo, but was “Going to end it.”… of course. Anyway, by the end of the dinner she had thrown the ring back at his face, told him to fuck off in several different ways (And languages), and then immediately turned her attention to me after he left. At that point she filled me in on everything that had happened and drunkenly explained that she’s better off without him. I just stood there wide-eyed, not wanting to walk away, nodded my head, and brought her dessert out. TC mark



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