29 College Graduates Describe Their Roommate Horror Story

16. honestquestiontime

Me and my 6 housemates moved into a pretty empty/excluded area in an old house… On google maps its still labelled as a mental health institute… Crazy, right?

Anyway, it was christmas and everyone (but 1) was gone and I had just arrived back, there was only 1 other housemate home during this time. When I returned I had walked to my room and the housemate intercepted me. He asked me if I knew if anyone else was back. He said he heard sounds coming from the room downstairs, I Laughed and said “Naw man, must be the birds or something…” then we both went silent as we heard running in my room on the other side of the door then running on the rooftops. I walked in and the window was wide open…

We both just looked at each other and said “Nope!”

We slept in the living room with the lights on for 3 whole nights.

17. AquaAndMint

The first place I lived on campus was in a suite with three other girls. My actual roommate was nice enough, but she constantly (even while she slept) listened to a playlist with about 20 awful country songs. Over and over and over.

Also, if she ever listened to other music (more country), she would FLIP OUT and run over and turn off the volume if a song with a “bad word” came on.

Then her and the other two girls got angry with me because I wouldn’t go to church or non-drinking parties with them.

I had to move to the honors dorm where things were slightly more normal.

Hey roommate, sometimes I hide in boxes to surprise you, because I love it when you drop fragile items with scalding hot liquid in them. Flickr / CJS*64
Hey roommate, sometimes I hide in boxes to surprise you, because I love it when you drop fragile items with scalding hot liquid in them.
Flickr / CJS*64

18. razqel

Had a roommate whose room stank like nothing else. I could even smell it from the hallway as I passed his closed door. It was like being smacked in the face by a wall of cheese.

I figured it was BO or perhaps the ethnic foods he ate, so I didn’t say anything to avoid sounding rude.

Well, he left 2 months later and a new roommate moved in. Upon cleaning the room, we discover he hadn’t thrown out the garbage the entire time he was there! He just kept all the rotting trash in a wooden chest and overflowing garbage bins.

Not only that, he washed his laundry once every 6 weeks or so, which undoubtedly contributed to the rank smell.

Eeuuggghh… shivers



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