29 College Graduates Describe Their Roommate Horror Story

26. charlie_p

It’s move in day, and the kid seems fairly normal. He brings in all of his boxes and shit and I can see in a clear plastic container he has sheets for his bed, a bedspread, a pillow, etc. All of this stayed in that box the entire semester. He slept on the plastic mattress cover, which started out white but ended up being a grimy yellow color. He had serious hygiene problems as well. Being completely honest, he showered perhaps once a month. He also owned no deodorant except the small travel stick he had arrived with, which ran out after two weeks. He had a bottle of shampoo which sat unused on his desk the entire semester.

He didn’t do laundry, ever. I know this because he owned a single small bottle of Tide that also sat on his desk untouched the entire semester. Instead, as his clothes were worn, they were stuffed into a large sack. When it was full, he would pull out the clothes from the bottom and wear them again. He liked to lean against the wall and read, which left giant grease stains all over his side of the room.

My roommate was obsessed with politics and Obama, since this was 2008. He was online on his Macbook reading the entire day when not in class. I tried to talk to him, but he denied everything, claiming that he showered daily and used deodorant. Eventually our room started to smell so bad that I avoided it at all costs, returning late at night to sleep and then leaving early in the morning. I found out later that our room smelled so bad because he was hoarding newspapers, which had started to rot. He bought the paper everyday and kept all of them in his closet, where his clothes should have been. Luckily he transferred after the first semester and I had the room all to myself the rest of the year.

27. glogloh

I was in a triple during my freshman year. One roommate was an absolutely filthy girl, but I remember these 2 instances the best:

  1. She got butt drunk one night, came home, and pissed in our trashcan (restroom was down the hall). If I wasn’t up at the time and hadn’t yelled at her to at least leave the trashcan outside, she admitted that she would have left it in the room to fester all night long.
  2. She hooked up with a big black guy, who apparently jizzed all over her bed. A couple days later, I heard her talking to a friend on the phone, where she proceeded to brag that she hadn’t washed her sheets and that the jizz stains were still there. ಠ_ಠ



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