29 College Graduates Describe Their Roommate Horror Story

Most of us have had a roommate at one point in our lives. Some were angels, others, not so much. My freshman roommate was awesome. My roommates sophomore year were terrible. They would eat my food, keep the volume up on their television, not clean up after themselves, not go to class, not shower — I actually left midway through my lease and moved somewhere else. Well, anyway, here’s 29 other people that have had bad experiences with their roommates (and they have had worse roommates than I’ve ever had). Read more of them here on this Reddit thread.

1. purplespam

I had two roommates that kept eating all of my food. Within the first week (classes haven’t even started) I went to make myself a peanut butter sandwich, my first peanut butter sandwich in this dorm. It was fucking gone. They left the tub in my cupboard. Anyways I flipped the fuck out because who the hell eats a whole tub of peanutbutter by themselves, without introducing themselves? These girls would literally scarf down all my food, and bitch if they thought anyone was touching their food. So I started buying really fattening food, doughnuts, etc. I was trying to teach them self-restraint, but these bitches would go through these boxes within two days. So I kept buying doughnuts. And then one day they started complaining about how they couldn’t fit their jeans. Success. I also put laxatives in my peanut butter.


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