29 College Graduates Describe Their Roommate Horror Story

28. White_Racist

Freshman year of college, I ended up getting a roommate who had a combination of these traits:

Showered roughly every 6-7 days.

Only did laundry when he would go back home on breaks (thanksgiving, christmas, labor day, spring break. that’s it)
because of 1 and 2, my room smelled HORRIBLE. It got to the point where some of the girls of the floor would come in and talk to him to make sure he was keeping up a shower schedule, but even they gave up after a few weeks. The RA tried, and he usually showered when the RA told him to, but even then that was a temporary solution.

“Played” electric guitar with an amplifier. I have not yet found a youtube video that adequately sounds like his playing, but basically picture that video that popped up on reddit before titled “what its like to work in a music shop” where multiple people were playing the guitar simultaneously. It was rather similar to that, except one person and louder. I damn near killed him when he woke me up at 3am playing that damn guitar. The guitar guys tried to teach him, but he kept getting too frustrated and gave up. He was hated by the floor because he wouldn’t use his guitar without his amp plugged in and the volume cranked up.

Food. I hid any and all food I brought in, because he had a policy of “if it’s in the open, I will eat it”. I guess sophomore year he lived in a place with 4-5 other guys, and when all but him left for thanksgiving break, he stayed in and emptied out the apartment of all the snack food present.

So why didn’t I change roommates? Because freshman year was pretty cool, and it kept me out of my room (except for sleeping), and the rest of the floor were a cool group of folks I didn’t want to lose.

29. bestwhit

I skimmed through this entire topic just to make sure I didn’t have any stories on here from my old roommates.



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