29 College Graduates Describe Their Roommate Horror Story

22. h0m3r

There was a guy who lived next door to my girlfriend at University who did the following things:

  • Left raw meat on the floor outside her door.
  • Pissed on the door of another guy in the corridor.
  • Took a shit on the floor outside the door of another guy in the corridor.
  • Would come back late at night/early morning from drinking, and put on music at unbelievably loud levels, then immediately pass out from the drinking so the music would still be playing (on repeat) late the next morning. His favourite music to listen to in this state? fucking DIDO.

23. nuttinlikerumbleroar

Caveat: I really did like my roommate freshman year, she was a sweet person. However, this story always wins whenever my friends and I pull out “who had the craziest freshman year roommate.”

My roommate freshman year had a boyfriend, long distance. He was a senior in high school and lived about four hours away from where we went to college. They always had problems in their relationship. A few months in she began to suspect he was cheating on her, and in fact she discovered he was. He broke up with her and started dating this other girl in his hometown.

Now my roommate was pretty angry about this and wanted to go about winning him back. So she continued to visit him in his hometown and sleep with him on the weekends behind this other girl’s back. But the crazy part: she decides she needs to get pregnant in order to win him back from the other girl. She secretly stops taking birth control, buys about one jillion pregnancy tests, and secretly would do those hip thrust exercises after having sex with him to increase her chances of getting pregnant. This is all despite my constant nagging that this isnt a very good plan.

Lo and behold three months later she gets pregnant. She drops out of school right before spring finals to live at home and date this guy (who eventually re-dumped her and ended up marrying someone else). The baby was pretty cute though.

24. AbHa7000

She brought two cats, next day left and never come back, cats stayed.

"What...what do we do now?" Flickr / twothirstycats
“What…what do we do now?”
Flickr / twothirstycats

25. IClimbStuff

He stole my car, had a girl living in his closet, and would walk around the apartment licking walls when he got high.



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