Here Are The Most Common Enneagram Types For Each Myers-Briggs Personality Type

ISFPs And The Enneagram

Breakdown Of Enneagram Types For ISFP Respondents:

ISFP Enneagram

Type 9 ISFPs

Type 9 with an 8 wing: 24%
Type 9 with a 1 wing: 76%

The most common Enneagram type selected by ISFPs was 9. As the 9 type is highly correlated with the ISFP’s dominant function introverted feeling, this type pairing certainly fits.

Type 9 ISFPs crave personal and interpersonal peace above all else – they are highly receptive to the energies that surround them and may have a tendency to take on others’ energies as their own – embodying many of the traits of an empath or a highly sensitive person.

Type 9 ISFPs tend to be spiritual in nature – feeling as though their identity is, in some part, tied into a power that is greater than themselves (be this a religion, a spiritual practice or a strong belief in destiny). This type of ISFP tends to be quite in touch with their tertiary introverted intuition, using it support and understand better their dominant introverted feeling.

At their core, type 9 ISFPs believe themselves to be worthy insofar as they are in tune with both the world and people around them and their own inner world. They are constantly moving away from feelings of loss or disconnection and toward a greater sense of unity and harmony. This type is most like their introverted counterpart the INFP, but may mistake themselves for INFJs in high frequency, due to their well-developed introverted intuition, and because the combination of introverted feeling and extroverted sensing mimics extroverted feeling in many ways.

Type 4 ISFPs

Type 4 with an 3 wing: 14%
Type 4 with a 5 wing: 86%

A significant number of ISFPs identified 4 as their Enneagram type. Since the 4 type is correlated with the ISFP’s dominant function introverted feeling, this type pairing certainly fits.

Type 4s ISFPs are highly creative, individualistic and artistic in nature. They experience life on a deeply emotional level and are constantly searching for methods of expressing their experiences artistically and authentically. Many ISFP type 4s are talented artists, writers, musicians or other creative types. They see self-expression as their mission in life – believing it to be their purpose to share their gift of insight with others. These ISFPs may be particularly in tune with their auxiliary extroverted sensing as well as their introverted feeling, using a fusion of the two functions to create their art form of choice.

At their core, type 4 ISFPs believe themselves to be worthy only insofar as they are creatively unique. They are constantly moving away from feelings of insignificance and toward feelings of individuality and creativity. They are most like their intuitive cousins, the INFPs.

Type 6 ISFPs

Type 6 with an 5 wing: 71%
Type 6 with a 7 wing: 29%

A significant number of ISFPs identified 6 as their Enneagram type. Though this type is commonly associated with the introverted sensing function, the ISFP’s inferior extroverted thinking may be a key factor that plays into the 6’s core need for guidance.

Type 6 ISFPs are significantly more security-oriented than their type 9 or type 4 counterparts. They are less likely to jump from various projects and careers, preferring to stay loyal to the specific establishments and people they invest themselves in. Though they are deeply creative and passionate within the careers and relationships they choose, they prefer depth to breadth in both instances.

This type is likely to place a strong emphasis on their introverted feeling, taking their personal relationships very seriously, as long-term romantic relationships in particular bring them a sense of stability. At their core, type 6 ISFPs fear that they will be left without support or guidance from others – they are consequently always moving toward security and away from isolation. They most closely resemble the ISFJ and may misidentify themselves as such.

Instinctual Variants:


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