What Makes Someone Hate You, Based On Their Myers-Briggs Personality Type


You don’t listen to them. INTPs are natural “professors” and this means that they will have topics or stories that they feel like they need people to know. This doesn’t mean they need rapt attention and perfect silence all the time, just that you don’t pick up your phone while your eyes glaze over the minute they start talking.


You take them for granted. ENFPs are natural people pleasers, but they have to know that all their hard work has some effect on you. You don’t have to throw them a parade, they just want you to occasionally thank them for everything they do, and let them know that it’s important to you.


You are dismissive of them. ISFPs are naturally excited about the things and people they love, though it’s often hard for them to express it the way they want it. In other words, the fastest way to get them to hate you is to wait until they finally work up the courage to explain how they feel about something and then tell them you think that person or thing is lame.


You shoot down all their ideas. ESTJs like to bring you into the world that they’ve built by asking you to go places they like and try things they enjoy. ESTJs will quickly grow frustrated if you continuously refuse to let them show you things they love.


You micromanage them. ESFJ’s are generally relaxed, so the fastest way to make them hate you is to take over their schedule to pack it full. This doesn’t mean they don’t enjoy regular activities, just that if you try to make them break up their calendar into half hour blocks they will begin to resent you.


You make them feel like they can never be good enough. This is one of the main stressors that INFJs put on themselves, so they don’t need it from the outside world. This is particularly true if they look up to you, as this naturally sensitive type will take it very hard.


You belittle them. This type hates being talked down to more than any other MBTI type. This is because while they typically have high self-esteem, it’s usually mixed with a lot of self-doubt. This means that they will react to being made to feel small by reacting based off not only their wounded pride but also their reinforced feelings of inadequacy.


You make everything into a grand spectacle. ISTJs are naturally shy, and they put stock In doing things the right, humble way. This doesn’t mean they don’t want acknowledgement for the things they do, merely that they will not appreciate it if your praise feels like an empty yet ostentatious display of your own abilities.


You make them feel trapped. ESTPs like to feel like masters of their own destiny, and they will begin to resent you rather quickly if you try to take that away from them. It is doubly interesting then that this personality often attracts smothering personality types, only to have to free themselves when they realize what has happened.


You force them to be “normal”. ISTPs like to live their lives the way they wish, even if that is counter to what society wants for them. The fastest way to make them hate you is to present the world to them as strictly black and white, even if you say they’re on the “good side”.


You are codependent on them. There is no quicker way to make an ESFP hate you than to immediately force yourself to be the most important person in their life. Cutting them off from their abilities to feel independent and have friends outside of each other will make them attempt to avoid you as soon and as much as possible.


You are easily swayed. This type sees the world in mostly black and white, and dislikes people who cannot take a stand even on the most basic issues. If they see you as being weak-minded they will never rely on you and will almost certainly have a negative view of you.


You are flaky. One of the most important qualities to an ISFJ is that they can rely on someone. This is especially because they often don’t feel that they can rely on themselves and their own judgement and look to others to help guide them. Proving yourself to be unreliable will see you excommunicated from this type’s inner circle.


You are a stick-in-the-mud. This is doubly true if you attempt to inflict your stubborn judgements on other people. The INFP is a born bohemian, and does not take kindly to people trying to ruin their latest spontaneous idea. This doesn’t mean they won’t listen to sense, only that they will know and dislike it if you try to get them to not do something just because it doesn’t mesh with your ideas.


You are a bully. ENTJs are unlikely to waste time getting into a conflict if they could just ignore you, but they will immediately stop ignoring you if they think you are a bully to those that are weak. This does not stem from a desire to have control over people themselves, but more that if there’s one thing this type doesn’t like it’s people being unkind to others they view as being unable to handle it.


You are fake. ENFJs can sense when someone is fake almost immediately, and they will be even angrier with you if it takes them even a little while to recognize it. In addition, once they find someone who is fake they will use their natural charm to make sure that everyone else knows your true nature, in order to make sure that you can’t make anyone else feel the way they felt.

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