5 Reasons Why Television Is Miles Better Than The Movies

TV is most certainly not where creative Hollywood goes to “settle” any longer.

Jennifer C. Martin is a writer and stay-at-home-mom living in Cleveland, Tenn. with her husband Daniel and two ...

10 Questions 20-Somethings Hate Hearing From Their Parents

“Are you gay?” No. You’re just single. You’re glad to know people think you are though.

David Ludwig 1David Ludwig graduated from Yale University in 2012, currently works for White Girl Problems, and lives in New York City.

The Too Real, Incredibly Non-Glamorous Life Of A 20-Something

How many quarter life crises is too many?

Amber is a graduate of The Second City in Chicago, IL, and continues to write anything and everything in her spare ...

The Bad Thing And Its Aftermath

You either are the kind of person who has cleaned the blood and tissue of someone you think has died off of your doorstep, or you aren’t.

She currently lives in DC and dreams of true love and a writing career under her own name.

24 Things You Need To Know About The DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia)

15. If you’re driving in D.C. please make sure there’s ample amount of air in your tires, potholes will tear your wheels apart.

Running one of the largest media outlets in the state of Georgia. Specializing in brand marketing, promotion and ...
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