Josh Lezmi

Film/TV Critic
Movie Musical Lover
Horror Enthusiast

     Josh is an entertainment writer and editor whose work has appeared across multiple publications, including Screen Rant, Collider, Distractify, Playbill, Showbiz Cheat Sheet, and more. He is currently the Senior Editor of the TV + Movies section on Thought Catalog. 

     He has written and edited breaking news stories, feature stories, reviews, listicles, and more since getting his start in the industry in 2017. Josh enjoys writing about relationships between characters, memorable moments from dramatic productions, and clever storytelling. He’s also not afraid to criticize productions that warrant a little tough love.

     Josh specializes in covering original content across the major streaming platforms, but he gravitates toward Netflix and Hulu originals (The Haunting of Hill House and Shrill are his favorites on each platform, respectively). He will also talk endlessly about why Apple TV+ is the most underrated streaming service. 

    A big fan of Broadway and the movie musical, Josh has strong opinions when it comes to casting movies that call for singing and dancing. Chicago, Hairspray, Cabaret, and The Last Five Years are his favorite movie musicals.


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