The 6 And Only Tattooed Girls You’ll Ever Meet

As per a noticeable cultural shift, tattooed girls are now seen absolutely everywhere, and bold tattooing is no longer reserved for punkers, bikers, inmates, soldiers, sailors, carnies, or anyone of “fringe class” (credit: Frank Reynolds).

Meg Beyer dropped out of law school on two separate occasions and finds her true passion in lipstick, Jameson, and ...

Does This Arctic-Grade Parka Make Me Look Fat? A Southern Girl’s Guide To Winter

Okay Mom and Dad, I’m Transferring Home to Florida

Alex Weiner is an 18 (almost 19)-year-old who loves dogs, typography, the ukulele, taking pictures, good food, and ...

The Things You’ll Feel After Being Attacked On A Sunday Afternoon

I was attacked by a roommate here in Palestine a couple days ago. I’ve been struggling with feeling like I am “supposed to.” Writing is my way of dealing.

Heather Miller is an educational specialist passionate about education in post-conflict areas. Hates kale chips, ...

The Letter I Wrote To My Father Who Abandoned Me And The Letter He Wrote Back

I’ve wanted to write you this letter for as long as I can remember. Up until now I’ve always been too afraid of the answers. So, this is me, taking a risk and being brave. I need to know what happened.

I'm enjoying and suffering through my 20 somethings. Wisconsin girl born and raised. I'm a dog person and I enjoy ...

17 Reasons Why Louis CK Would Be The Best Boyfriend Ever

He’d laugh when you tell him you need to tweet and he’d just roll his eyes when you scroll through your newsfeed before bed.

Catie Jane Prendergast is a writer and illustrator who likes to travel, eat breakfast, and read Tintin comics (but ...
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