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We Need More Kindness In 2018

Being a decent human being is the rent you should be paying to exist in this world. Being a kind human being is putting good things back in the world in hopes of making it better for the children who are just now growing up in it.

In 2018, I Hope You Turn Being Alone To A Blessing

In 2018, I hope you learn how to be alone. Better yet, I hope you learn to love being alone. There is a big difference between alone and lonely, and I hope you find that being alone is a brilliant opportunity to grow and do things that you found you could never do in a relationship. 

This Morning I Stopped Missing You

This Morning I Stopped Missing You

I tried to learn how to live with it, but pain makes a terrible bedfellow. It keeps you up at night, never allowing you to sleep. Eventually, it colours all of your life in shades so dark that you forget how to breathe.

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