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Nikita is the author of Your Soul Is A River and Your Heart Is The Sea.

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Nikita Gill

7 Types Of People You Meet When You’re Trying To Heal

People heal at entirely different rates and you are allowed to feel broken for as long as those feelings are inside your system. There is a reason for them being there. In these negative emotions you will find positive ones and growth.

15 Minimum Effort Self Care Tips For A Busy Day

Create a new small daily habit. Whether it is the way you lay your pencils so they’re easy to access, whether it is the cup of tea you make before you work, or simply changing from work to comfy clothes. Habits build motivation and happiness in the areas you bring them to. They help put you in a certain mind frame.

In 2018, I Hope You Turn Being Alone To A Blessing

In 2018, I hope you learn how to be alone. Better yet, I hope you learn to love being alone. There is a big difference between alone and lonely, and I hope you find that being alone is a brilliant opportunity to grow and do things that you found you could never do in a relationship.