Self Care Also Means Being Able To Do THIS.

Here is a hard thing to admit. Sometimes you are the most toxic person in the room. Sometimes, you have allowed the world to bring you down so much that you spew negativity. Sometimes you are the person being cruel to other people. Sometimes you are the person who ends up hurting the person who has done nothing but love you and look after you and be there for you.

Sometimes you are the person other people tell their friends about when they talk about abusive people in their lives. Sometimes you are the person who needs deleting from someone else’s life.

Listen, I know it hurts to hear. But a big part of self care also means calling yourself out on your own bad behaviour. It also means being able to acknowledge your own toxicity and abusive behaviour to others. It means being able to be vulnerable enough to admit your mistakes and your flaws so that you can heal from them. This is a part of self care too, to spiritually heal yourself from the damage your are doing to others to become the best version of yourself. It means constantly working on your spirit and soul by learning how to give up negative habits and be kinder to others. It means actually addressing issues in your past that have made you this way.

Listen, the truth is, self care is hard work. It is dedicating yourself to your development and growth. It is allowing yourself to become whole by actually addressing the broken bits of you and trying to ail them in the best way possible. It’s time to actually acknowledge the things you have always been afraid to say about yourself.

Take the time to understand that self care means turning your own mind, heart and body into a place you are happy, where you are willing to live, where you surround yourself with positivity and give other people as much positive energy as you receive.

It is about growth and healing more than it can ever be about comfort.

So call yourself out on your bad behaviour. Look into your own eyes, see the thing you are most afraid of…and practice self care. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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