Love In The Moment

We spend so much time trying to figure out if the person who we love loves us in return that we forget to enjoy love for what it is, in the moment, for the time that it exists. We spend days wondering what they’re doing, worry that they’ve fallen out of love with us, spend ours pondering over how we can make the relationship last longer, better and forever. The truth is, no one belongs to anyone and the idea of forever is a sugary sweet fantasy fed to us by films and movies.

The only real way to love is to love in the moment. Love in the second you feel that beautiful kiss. Love in the quiet moments on the sofa and stay in the quiet moment, just for a little while forgetting all the troubles in the world. Love in the silence of bedrooms and the quiet of films you watch together. Love in the silent walks which you go on together, or in the second of the text message you get from them. Stop focussing on where this is going every once in a while. Focus on loving in the present, in the second, in the moment.

This is how true love happens. This is how lasting love happens. It is not the movie theatre type of romance, it is not grand gestures, and dying confessions. Love, real love, is in the quiet of a thunderstorm feeling safe. It is in the silence of a hospital room when you realise the person you love is safe. It is in the feeling after returning home to the smell of warm food on the stove and warmer arms around you. That is where love lies. In the little moments which people often look past.

Find yourself here, find yourself loving in the moment, than loving for eternity, and I promise you, love will not fail you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Nikita is the author of Your Soul Is A River and Your Heart Is The Sea.

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