When The Messy Girl Falls In Love

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The thing about this kind of girl is, she doesn’t have it all figured out. She’s a mess. Halfway through her twenties and always late for things. It isn’t cute anymore, she knows that. She’s a functioning adult in that she pays her bills (never on time though), she trips up at least twice a day, “whoops, sorry about that” is her catch phrase, her apartment is a train wreck most of the time, on good days the dishes are done. This girl is the kind most shake their heads over, half the time with half smiles on their faces because they find her endearing, the other half in frustration because they find her lack of adulting infuriating.

Every year she promises herself that she’ll be better, every new year’s resolution is the same. But sometimes flaws talk so loudly that just existing causes her enough pain. Life and time are never enough for her, she barely has enough room in her life for herself, because you see for all her forgetting to eat, drinking too much and passing out, messy hair mascara smudged eyes, tripping all over herself she has a heart the size of Sun and puts everyone’s needs before her own. She may not have everything figured out, but she knows every homeless person on her street and spend hours helping her kid sister out with projects, and is always willing to lend a helping hand to anyone in need.

So here you are, standing in front of this messy girl with a heart of gold. She has slipped and fallen heart first before, and it shattered so hard she was barely able to piece is back together. But there she is, both hands outstretched giving it to you. Take it. without fear.

Because when the messy girl falls in love, she gives it her all.

When the messy girl falls in love, she works hard to better all of her flaws.

When the messy girl falls in love, she always gives you a reason to laugh.

When the messy girl falls in love, she’s the kind to make it last.

The thing is, she’s been so busy falling down that she knows well how to stand back up again. So she goes through life tumbling head first because she has the confidence she will always find a way back up again. This girl that other people label messy is the most courageous person you will ever meet. She takes on life and love head on, unafraid of the collisions she will meet. She’s met so many set backs and broken bones, body, mind and soul, the messy girl is the one whose defense mechanism is the live life to the full.

When the messy girl falls in love, she is fully aware that the fall comes with meeting the ground and hurting herself. The difference is the messy girl is unafraid to love because she knows love is a beautiful and difficult mess, and she accepts that even the best of things sometimes meet with a tumble, a fall, and an end. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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