You Are Never Too Late For Love


You are never too late for love. No matter what the magazines or the books or your parents say, no matter what anyone likes to suggest about how it’s best to settle down in your twenties, have children by your thirties, love has a way of finding you when you least expect it in moments you never thought it would find you.

You are never too late for love. No matter how much you decide to focus on your career, and think because that has your entire focus all this time, no one is ever going to love you because you work so much. Love will find a way between busy schedules and the spare time you have. The right kind of person will be independent enough to love you without interfering with your work.

You are never too late for love. Even if you are the last person amongst your friends to marry, still waiting for the right kind of person with a big enough heart and the kind of softness you have needed, don’t settle for anything less than a love that always makes you hopeful.

You are never too late for love. Even if every love you have pinned your hopes and dreams on has let you down, hold onto the fact that there is someone who is just right for you, like there is someone for everyone. Love will see you in secret and make you fall for just the right sort of someone when your time comes.

You are never too late for love. One day, you will wake up and remember all the times you doubted you would ever find what you are looking for and how it was too late for you and shake your head and laugh. Because this is the truth, this is what life is made of: when you start doubting yourself most of all, love will come looking for you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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