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Confessions Of A Rebound: One Night Only

I had no idea that you gave me your number as a formality, or that when you said you would love to get together again, it would be the last time I ever heard your voice. I left thinking, “This could be the start of something,” while you watched me go knowing it was the end.

An Open Letter To The Girl That Got Away

You’ve moved on — married to what seems like a loving husband with whom you share a beautiful child — and I truly could not be happier for you. You deserve all the happiness in the world. You deserve everything that I could not give you, or at least wasn’t ready to give you.

You Are Entitled To Know Where You Stand In Your Relationship

No one person should ever feel like they are getting less out of the relationship, or that they cannot address something that is on their mind to their partner. If you cannot comfortably broach a subject with your significant other, why would you choose to invest your time, energy, and care into that person?

The Art Of (Finally) Letting You Go

The desperation. The disillusion. The dismay. None of it was healthy. My head had to accept reality, my heart would have to shatter before it could mend, and I would have to move on from you entirely. The only way that would happen was with a complete detox.

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