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I’ve always had a hard time accepting defeat, that I’ll never deny; but with you I never felt as if the game was over or the battle was lost. Maybe our fate has just been halted until the time is right, or maybe I’m just a stubborn Aries, but I want you to be my, “I told you so.”

I want you to be the reason I can say it to my friends, who have long since realized what I probably should have months ago. I want to say it to my friends because it would mean that all of those long talks were not in vain. It would mean that all of the tough love dished out was done in a way to strengthen mental and emotional endurance, not shine light on a harsh reality. It would mean that my unrelenting belief that this was all meant to be was now finally paying dividends.

I want you to be the reason I can say it to myself, who probably knows the truth deep down and just can’t (or refuses to) acknowledge it. I want to say it to myself because it would mean that I was not completely insane, even if my actions prove otherwise. It would mean that instead of sleepless nights with a cold pillow, there would be peaceful tranquility with your warm body nestled next to mine. It would mean that all failed attempts made at forgetting you were just further evidence that I could not purge you from my thoughts no matter how hard I tried, or how much I wished it to be so.

I want you to be the reason I can say it to my friends once more, just to bask in the glory of victory — if only for this one specific instance. I want you to be the reason I can say it to myself once more, just so that it would serve as a constant reminder to never give up something I believe is worth fighting for.

More than anything, I want to say it to you — you breath-taking, blonde-haired, brown-eyed beauty, you. I want to say it to you because it would prove that all of your-self doubt was nothing more than a proverbial leash keeping you from roaming free in the garden of your emotions. It would mean that I would now have the opportunity to spend each day trying to make up for every one I spent apart from you. It would mean that you would finally get a chance to see how a man is supposed to treat the woman in his life.

Be my lover.

Be my friend.

Be my girl until the end.

Be my, “I told you so.”Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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