Mike Zacchio

Mike is a New York-based writer and admitted hopeless romantic. If Ted Mosby and Carrie Bradshaw had a son, it would be him. When he’s not writing about love, dating, and relationships, he’s working his actual job as a sports reporter and columnist.

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Mike Zacchio

All The Things I’ll (Probably) Never Tell You

I’ll probably never tell you that you hurt me, or that part of me still carries that pain. I’ll probably never tell you that I haven’t been able to let anyone in since you left, or that part of me is afraid to because of you.

I Will Never Stop Getting My Hopes Up In Dating (And Neither Should You)

I will never stop getting my hopes up in dating, and neither should you. I can’t help but get my hopes up because it’s how I’m wired. It’s in the thoughts running through my mind and in the blood running through my veins. I don’t ever want apathy to take over and turn an exhilarating adventure into a mundane task.