21 Easily Missed Things He’s Doing Because He Really, Really Likes You

Josh Felise

Does he “like you,” or does he “like you, like you”?

While women are usually better at picking up on subtleties than men, there are still times when things go unnoticed that can tip you off as to his level of interest. Sometimes these things are purely coincidental, but more often than not they are carefully executed as unspoken ways for him to tell you that he’s really into you.

1. He picks you up for a date (or at least offers)

My parents raised a gentleman, and part of that includes picking up a woman on a date. In today’s day and age of creepers and overall paranoia, I understand that some women feel safer meeting at the location and not having the guy know where she lives before determining whether or not she likes him. He should still at least put the offer out there.

2. He got a car wash

If his car was just washed, it means he takes pride in the ride that will show up at your door.

3. He opens the door for you

Yes, we know you’re perfectly capable of opening a door on your own. We want to do it, so please let us.

4. He got his car detailed

You’re probably wondering now, “What is with men and their cars?” We think you’re going to judge us based on everything about our car: the make and model of it, the year of it, the condition of it, the cleanliness of it, etc. Then again, some guys are just obsessed with their cars in a really unhealthy way. But I digress. A car wash is one thing, but if he went the extra mile to get the inside of his car vacuumed and dusted, you best believe he’s really into you. The car wash could be coincidental, but any cleaning done to the inside is always intentional.

5. He turns the radio off in the car

No music means he wants to talk to you.

6. He has a fresh haircut

You know how women make a big deal out of washing their hair before a date or event? A new haircut is basically the male equivalent of a woman washing her hair.

7. His clothes are ironed

Wrinkles are almost never a good look, especially on a date. If his clothes are pressed clean, it means he took the time to make sure he looked presentable for you.

8. He never looks at his phone

This should be common courtesy from both parties, but unless one (or both) of you works a job where you are on-call or you are expecting an urgent email or call, you should be able to go a few hours without looking at your phone.

When you’re on a date with a gentleman, you should never see his phone. It should be switched to vibrate or silent and tucked away in a pocket — not on the table. If he must check it, he’ll do so if you break for the restroom.

9. He’s blushing

Yes, men blush. Yes, it’s because we like you.

10. He’s nervous or fidgety

Some women can see this as cute and adorable, while others can see it as a turn-off because he should be firm and confident in his actions. He probably just really likes you. I can assure you he’s not acting that way on purpose.

11. He lets it slip that he’s told his friends about you

Whether it’s someone I met at a bar, matched with on Tinder or Bumble, or met in passing during my day, if I’m really into a girl, my best friends are going to know about it. They’re going to have her picture, generic details about her (age, job, etc.), and what the plans for the night are.

Please do not mistake this for thinking he’s mapping out your wedding. He’s just excited for your first date or the early stages of dating you. That’s a good thing. Stop reading more into it than that.

12. He remembers little things about you

You remember how you told him that one time how you have a sweet tooth for Sour Patch Kids? Yeah, it’s not an accident when he shows up with a box of them one day.

13. He shares something intimate about himself

Vulnerability can be a difficult thing for a man, so if he opens up to you about something personal, it’s a sign that he trusts you and that he’s comfortable with you having that information.

14. He finds any excuse at all to touch you

Believe it or not, sex is not on our minds 24/7/365, and not everything we do is motivated towards getting you out of your clothes and into bed. Some of us associate the physical touch with intimacy that does not involve sex.

One of the more subtle examples of this is when he places his hand on the small of your back while leaning in to tell you something. He almost certainly didn’t have to do it, but he wanted to, and he’s almost certainly gauging your reaction to it.

15. He picks up the check (and insists to pay)

The key here is in the addendum. Any self-respecting gentleman will pick up the tab, even if he had a miserable time and has no intention of seeing you again. If that’s the case and you offer to split the bill, he may try to save some coin and take you up on the offer.

If he insists on paying the check, it’s because he wants to do so — not because he’s trying to flaunt his money or play some macho mind game. We appreciate your offer, but we’ve got this one.

The truth is that men are not obligated to pay for check, but most of us will do it anyway. We don’t mind paying for dinner or the night out, so long as we don’t feel used.

16. He walks you to your door at the end of the night

Color me an advocate for modern-day chivalry, but I think a guy should still walk a girl to her door at the end of a date. If he offers, you’ve got yourself a man who is definitely into you (and who was definitely raised right).

17. He’s not afraid to meet your parents

There are two types of “meeting the parents” situations as far as I’m concerned, and they pale in comparison to one another. Example 1: He shows up to your house for a date and makes small talk with your folks (if you still live at home, of course), which really isn’t the massive deal people make it out to be.

Example 2: He sets up a dinner specifically for the two of you and your parents. This should be reserved for when you two should be seeing each other exclusively. If he is comfortable meeting and having a quick conversation with your parents during the early stages of dating, it’s a very good sign.

18. He goes in for the goodnight kiss

People have mixed feelings about the goodnight kiss. For me, going in for a goodnight kiss says that I had an incredible time and that I want to see her again. If she accepts, I’m led to believe she feels the same way. (Important note for the culture: Guys, if you don’t want to see her again, don’t go in for a kiss. Ladies, if you don’t want to see him again, don’t kiss him.)

19. He texts you goodnight

Some people can think this is a bit too much, but, to me, a goodnight text is just his way of ending the night with you knowing you were the last thing on his mind. #Feels

19a. He asks you to text him when you’re home (and means it) If you two didn’t drive somewhere together, a decent human being will ask you to text him when you get home; a guy who is really into you will actually mean it. Listen to his tone. If he nonchalantly says, “Lemme know when you get home,” and walks away, he’s probably just being courteous, but if he looks you in the eye and says it with sincerity, he really wants to make sure you got home safely.

If it takes you 20 minutes to get home and you forget to reach out, don’t be surprised if you get a friendly, “Hey, I just wanted to make sure you got back home safely,” text after a half-hour or so.

Some girls can view this as being too clingy or coming on too strong, but there are worse things in the world than someone wanting to know you’re still alive. If you think there’s something wrong with that, it sounds like a *you* problem.

20. He calls you

Texting is great and all, but calling is so much more personal. He wants to hear your voice, your tone, and your reactions; he doesn’t want to try and decipher all of that through text.

21. He asks you out again

I’ll end with this blatantly-obvious- but-nonetheless- true cold-hard fact: If he’s asking you out again, it’s because he wants to see you. You — out of the countless other women he can be swiping through on dating apps or chatting up at bars. If he doesn’t want to talk to you, he won’t reach out. If he doesn’t want to see you again, he won’t ask you out. If he wants another date with you, you know where he stands. Now the ball is in your court. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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