75 Great Hygiene Tips To Practice So You Aren’t Smelly And Disgusting

11. Wash your hands after using the toilet.

“Wash your hands after using the toilet…it’s horrifying how popular it is to not do this. You never know what the person you are shaking hands with was doing with them…”


12. Change your sheets at least once a week!

“Change your sheets at least once a week! It’ll help with keeping your hair less oily, skin less smelly, and help protect against body acne!”


13. Clean your belly button using soap on your finger.

“Put a little soap on your finger, then stick it in your belly button, and then rinse the soap out.

1. It cleans the belly button. Belly buttons can get AWFULLY stinky.

2. If you push hard enough it makes a funny tingly feeling in your pee pee and you giggle.”


14. Keep your pubes trimmed. They won’t be so smelly.

“Keep your pubes trimmed. They won’t be so smelly. It’s the hair that traps all the stink.”


15. DO NOT put soap in your vaginas.

“Folks with vaginas: DO NOT put soap, ‘cleansing wash,’ or douche (in) there. For the outside (vulva—labia, under the clitoral hoos), you can scrub (gently!) with warm water and get things clean; fingers are fine, but you can also use a soft washcloth if you want (again, be gentle!). Your bits do NOT need to smell like artificial fragrance, roses, or whatever the hell people think they ‘should’ smell like—your genitals have their own unique smell and as long as you pay a little attention to their cleanliness during your daily shower or bath, you should be fine. (If you’ve got a weird discharge or something, see a doctor.)”


16. Guys, clean your mouth before going down on a woman.

“Guys: Please keep your mouth clean (brush/floss/mouthwash), especially if you’re going to go down on a woman. The bacteria from your mouth could cause vaginosis or a UTI in women (who should always remember to pee after sex!).”


17. A Tucks witch hazel wipe will cure BO when you’re on the road.

“Carry a Tucks witch hazel wipe (they come in individual packs for travel) at all times. A quick wipe in the armpits will kill all odor-causing bacteria. You can also use it on your nether-regions if, say, you’re nearing the end of a date that’s going well.”


18. Clean out your nose after every shower.

“Clean out your nose after every shower—give it the ‘ol tissue screwdriver in each nostril. Voila, no more boogers.”


19. Wash your makeup brushes!

“For the people who wear makeup—wash your makeup brushes! Especially the ones you use for foundation/powder/etc. The amount of dirt that gets up in them is unreal. Obviously if you’re wearing it every day it’s not practical to wash them after every use as they need time to dry, but cleaning them weekly will make a huge difference to your skin and how good your makeup looks! It’s pretty easy and not too time consuming to wash them—I use a bar of soap and warm water, and then give them a spray with a mild sanitizer specially for makeup brushes that only cost me about £5.”




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