75 Great Hygiene Tips To Practice So You Aren’t Smelly And Disgusting

41. Spray your pits with hand sanitizer.

“If you forget to wear deodorant or if you’re in a public place and sweating more than usual for some reason and you are starting to smell, spray your pits with hand sanitizer. The hand sanitizer kills the bacteria that makes the strong stink. You’ll still sweat, but you won’t smell bad.”


42. Trim. Your. Toenails.

“Trim. Your. Toenails.

This will protect against so many medical issues, from ingrown toenails which will stink horribly, get infected, and look and feel awful. And also wont allow gunk to build up under said nails causing awful smells to surround you like that dust cloud surrounding Pig-Pen in Peanuts

Also, have you ever seen what can happen to your toenails if they get smashed inwards by something and they are untrimmed? They can get stabbed into your toe, and they break into multiple big pieces exposing the sensitive and bloody flesh under them, or break in half and dangle around exposing said flesh. It’s not pretty.

I’ve seen so many attractive people, then I notice they are wearing sandals, or flip-flops. And their nails look like some sort of claw you’d see on a Dark Souls creature, and it immediately makes me to want to vomit. Don’t be that person with nasty-ass toenails. Please.”


43. Ladies: DO NOT DOUCHE!!!

“Ladies: DO NOT DOUCHE!!! It’s actually really terrible for you! Your vagina is self-cleaning; that’s why it’s acidic. Douching can mess up your pH and cause all sorts of wackiness. If you feel like you have an odd scent or odd discharge, drink more water and go to the ob/gyn!”


44. Vigorously scrub that taint.

“Vigorously scrub that taint.”


45. Brush your teeth after lunch.

“Brush your teeth after lunch. Seriously, the amount of people that only brush after they wake up and before going to bed is astounding. It helps with both your mouth/teeth health and it’s less awful when you’re talking to someone with a shitty breath.”


46. Change your pillow covers at least one a week.

“Change your pillow covers at least one a week; it’ll do wonders to stop breakouts.”


47. Shave your asshole.

“Shave your asshole. You won’t believe how easier it is to wipe away shit when you’re not also navigating through a jungle of tangled-up hair.”


48. Regularly change your bedding!

“Regularly change your bedding! Especially your pillowcase. It does wonders for your skin.”


49. Get a cosmetic mirror, even if you’re a man.

“Get a cosmetic mirror, even if you’re a man. You’ll never realize how nasty your teeth are till you see them with 10x magnification. Also, they are super useful for shaving.”


50. Use rubbing alcohol for your armpits.

“Bacteria on the skin generate smell, not sweat itself. Use rubbing alcohol for your armpits and trim/shave your armpit.”




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