75 Great Hygiene Tips To Practice So You Aren’t Smelly And Disgusting

20. Try a sugar scrub once in a while.

“Besides basic maintenance, try a sugar scrub once in a while, no matter your gender. ESPECIALLY if you have dry skin. It gets all the dead crap off and leaves your skin super-huggable and soft, especially if you choose to shave afterward. You can make your own easily with 3/4 cup sugar, 1/4 cup oil (I like coconut) mixed with a few drops of your favorite essential oil or even some vanilla. Use it to exfoliate your skin, and then in the shower scrub it off well to remove the skin the sugar rubbed off as well as to remove the oily residue. When you get out of the shower, moisturize and voila!”


21. If you’re uncut, please wash under the foreskin.

“If you’re uncut, please wash under the foreskin and when you brush your teeth also brush your tongue.”


22. If you use a shared shower, wear flip-flops.

“If you use a shared shower (gym, dorm), wear flip-flops. Foot fungus takes several months’ diligent treatment. And you don’t know how often it’s cleaned.”


23. Get a bidet.

“Get a bidet. They are like $25 on Amazon and hook up to your toilet in 15 minutes. It will change your life and you will worship me as a god. Why, you ask? Imagine, if you will, what it would be like if you got human excrement in your hair. Would you just nonchalantly wipe some of it off with a piece of paper and call it good enough? Or would you actually wash that shit outta there with a jet of water to get yourself squeaky clean? Also, they have travel bidets which is just a bottle with a nozzle and is pretty alright.

Changing the World, one Bidet at a Time.


24. Clean the outer region of your ear canal

“Clean the outer region of your ear canal. I have a friend who never does (even with gentle prompting) and it accumulates so heavily it actually has started to drip down near her earlobes. :(”


25. Use hydrogen peroxide to cure armpit BO.

“If you get BO in your armpits that doesn’t go away after showering, use hydrogen peroxide. Wet your pits and put like 1/2 teaspoon of peroxide on each side and leave it for like ten minutes. Then shower like normal. This kills off the onion/chicken soup odor by killing colonized bacteria. It took me decades to figure this out. Also, trimming the hair and using a hair dryer to fully dry also helps.”


26. Put baby powder on your ballsack after a shower, gentlemen!

“Put baby powder on your ballsack after a shower, gentlemen! Keeps em’ smooth, dry, and nice smelling. The white powdery look even fades away after a couple of hours so no one can tell. Pairs well with shaven balls.”


27. Please dab off your penis after peeing.

“Gentlemen when urinating in a toilet, please dab it off with toilet paper after you pee. After living in an all-male household, I’ve come to realize that shaking it off after you use the bathroom is every bit as disgusting as not washing your hands. You are literally throwing little droplets of urine all over the place.”


28. Use wet wipes after toilet paper.

“Use wet wipes after toilet paper. Seriously. Rub/melt some chocolate onto the underside of your forearm. Then try wipe it off with a dry tissue. Give it a sniff. I bet you can still smell the chocolate. Then go over it with a wet wipe, ‘chocolate’ smell and brown smudge now gone.”


29. Women, you need to be airing out your Gigi.

“If you are a woman, sleep without undies or PJs. You need to be airing out your Gigi whenever and wherever you can. So says my mom.”


30. Brush your teeth twice a day for at least a few minutes!

“Brush your teeth twice a day for at least a few minutes! I’m disgusted with the amount of people who brush once a day for a minute and then end up having cavities. And brush your tongue! Or be a freak like me and brush for 5-10 minutes twice a day, followed by a tongue scraping. God, it feels so good.”




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