75 Great Hygiene Tips To Practice So You Aren’t Smelly And Disgusting

31. Buy a Waterpik.

“Hate flossing (or simply don’t do it)? Buy a Waterpik. It’s easier than flossing, more effective, and actually feels good.”


32. Don’t wait until someone else tells you how bad you smell.

“You are a bad judge of if/how you smell. If someone intimates you are anything less than fresh-smelling, take it as a certainty you stink. If someone actually mentions your BO/bad breath/sweat/stank of any kind, then 50 people have smelled you before this brave soul said anything. Thank them.”


33. Guys with long hair need to wash it regularly with shampoo and conditioner.

“Guys with long hair need to wash it regularly with shampoo and conditioner. Horribly greasy hair stinks and it just makes you look like you need a shower.”


34. Trim your facial hair before you’re eating it.

“As a bearded man, I suggest everyone wash and trim that thing. If your mustache is growing into your mouth, either use wax to train it or cut that shit out of your mouth. That’s disgusting to be face-to-face with someone with a mouth full of hair.”


35. Don’t pick at your pimples.

“Don’t pick at your pimples. It will leave permanent scarring and will even cause more pimples to form in that area.”


36. Drink more water for cleaner wipes.

“Drink more water for cleaner wipes.”


37. Be aware of how badly your pets stink.

“If you have pets, especially ones with hair, you need to also bathe them in a consistent manner while cleaning your place in a consistent manner due to shedding.

If you don’t, you will smell like your pet and your place will smell like pet even if you can’t smell it and you wash your clothes— you will smell like pet.

To clarify, not all pets need the exact same bathing. I’m not in any way saying to inappropriately bathe your pet when you shouldn’t. Dogs depend on your dog breed. Cats usually don’t need bathing. Find out how to take care of your pet appropriately as YMMV. But yes, your pet may actually need to be bathed and your place needs to be cleaned more often than others without pets if you have one roaming around.”


38. Clean behind your ears, especially if you wear glasses.

“Clean behind your ears, especially if you wear glasses. Shit’s nasty.”


39. Don’t smell like ass.

“BO is nothing. The worst is smelling like ass. I was next to a 300 guy on a flight with an empty seat between us and I almost threw up for like 5 hours. I kept using little squirts of Purel and surreptitiously scratching my nose just to change the smell. If you’re that heavy, carry baby wipes. They work to freshen up down there after bathroom visit. Make sure you’re dry, too. Staying wet down there will produce the worst breeding ground for smells and infections. And a little zinc-based baby ointment around your a-hole will also protect you from sweat and skin infections and improve and prevent smells.”


40. Use baby wipes.

“I actually picked this up from my girlfriend: Buy baby wipes and use 1-2 after you finish wiping with toilet paper. It really cleans what the toilet paper can’t clean.”




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