75 Great Hygiene Tips To Practice So You Aren’t Smelly And Disgusting

61. Use salt crystal deodorant.

“Use salt crystal deodorant. Doesn’t stain, smell strongly, lasts forever (1-2 years), is pretty cheap ($6 or so). It lasts all day for me (am female), almost all day for my husband. Works better than natural deodorants for me.”


62. Wash your balls/grundle and inner crack with hair conditioner.

“Wash your balls/grundle and inner crack with hair conditioner. Neutralizes the pH balance so you never get stank nuts or vinegary balls. Its my ritual before any date.”



“WIPE FRONT TO BACK, VAGINA OWNERS. I cringe so hard when I’m attending a bathroom rendezvous with a girl and she wipes back to front. Okayyyy Ms. Poop vag, enjoy that infection you’re about to receive.”


64. Drink more water.

“Drink more water. It helps with stinky breath, BO, acne, dry skin, and fatigue. This doesn’t replace the other basic hygiene rituals, though.”


1. After wiping your ass until there is no color on the toilet paper, use wet wipes. You’ll see with the wipes you get more color on them. Then dry with a toilet paper to finish.

2. Take wipes and alcohol gel when trekking.

3. Always pad the toilet seat, when not sure how clean it is.

4. Soap your feet when showering, dry with a clean towel after the shower and step into clean flip-flops or socks. Many people don’t know this, but a lot of the germs that enter the body do so through our feet.

5. Soap your ass crack thoroughly when showering.

6. Don’t take your phone to the toilet when shitting or wipe it with alcohol pad afterwards.

7. Put your toothbrush several meters away from the toilet seat, or store in the over-the-sink cabinet, or best practice: close the toilet seat cover when flushing. When the toilet is flushed, shit particles can fly as far as several meters away and land on your toothbrush and other things. Contact lenses?

8. Wash your hands before doing things like cooking, contact lens, etc. Shit gets stuck between your fingerprint cracks.”


65. Thoroughly dry your feet after bathing.

“Thoroughly dry your feet, including between your toes, after bathing. It’s the best natural way to prevent fungus and foot odor.”


66. Shampoo your pubic hair.

“1. If you have pubic hair, treat it like it’s actually hair, because it is. Use soap/body wash to clean up the area initially, but use whatever you’re using to wash the hair on your head down there as well. Don’t be wasteful, though. When you’re done scrubbing the shampoo in your hair, just scoop the excess suds/bubbles from your head and use ’em to shampoo your groin, too. If you use conditioner on your head, too, treat your carpet with the same respect as well. You’ll be surprised at the difference it makes in how soft the rough patch can actually be, and you’ll stay feeling fresh much longer than you’ll expect….especially if you follow up with:

2. Use Shower to Shower or a store brand equivalent right after you dry off after showering. Put that stuff everywhere: your back, your legs, your chest—basically everywhere. It’s like Gold Bond, but without that sharp menthol feeling. I’ve found that Gold Bond is better for feeling fresh during short periods of heavy physical activity that you’re going to shower right after (or for your feet/groin if you tend to have fungus issues), but I’ve found Shower to Shower is better for exactly what it says—or keeps your entire body fresh between your normal daily showers.

3. If you have a problem with excessive armpit sweat and/or odor, first make sure you have both an antiperspirant and a deodorant (separate products). At night shower and then apply the antiperspirant to your armpits before bed. In the morning, shower like normal, and use only the deodorant. Antiperspirant can work much better when it has time to set and properly stop up the pores, but then the excess still on the surface is basically doing nothing, which is why can you shower it away and replace it with deodorant for the day.

Source: Was a Marine. Getting clean and staying fresh are learned skills.”




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