75 Great Hygiene Tips To Practice So You Aren’t Smelly And Disgusting

72. A whole slew of tips…

“Washcloth in shower. Shower not bathe. Clean & clip fingernails & toenails. Scrub face with rag every morning & night shave. Brush teeth. Use mouthwashes. Use teeth whitener (why not?). Floss. Drink water. Don’t eat greasy foods. Take vitamins for skin and hair and nails. Use skin lotion. Wash ass. Ladies, front to back. Use baby wipes after toilet paper. Wash feet. Carry supplies to fix hygiene situations. Use deodorant. Get rid of dead skin. Wash hand after bathroom. Don’t sit in public transport.”


73. A facial hygiene regimen that works…

“I finally (at 31 years of age) found a facial hygiene regimen that works (i.e. no blemishes, clear skin, 100% of the time). I understand everyone’s skin is different, so for some context, I have naturally moderately oily skin, and I’m of Western European ancestry.

Every night, before lying down on your pillowcase:

• Wash your face with salicylic acid soap (Neutrogena orange stuff, or generic equivalent).

• Dry with towel.

• Since the towel isn’t so clean, a tiny splash of isopropyl alcohol on the hands (70%+), rub it all over your face/neck, while holding your breath, let dry without inhaling (hold your breath). I fan my hands to speed the process (and avoid passing out).

• Last step: replace the necessary oil that you just washed away. I use Burt’s Bees cleansing oil, but I bet olive oil, coconut oil, or some other oil that you could probably read up on to be ideal for the purpose could work. I use a 1/2 pump of the Burt’s Bees stuff, shake off the excess, and rub it on my hands before rubbing it on my face—no need to make your pillowcase oily.

LAST BUT NOT LEAST: change your pillowcase two times per week!! I have lots of pillowcases—they’re cheap, and the only part of your bed that touches your face. CHANGE OFTEN!

This whole process takes about three minutes, tops. Very effective, and feels great.”


74. A few beauty tips for the ladies…

“• As odd as it sounds, Tucks Medicated Pads work wonders to take off makeup and help prevent breakouts. It contains witch hazel, which can help skin inflammation.

• Applying deodorant before bed is actually more effective than as part of your morning routine.

• Using vitamin E, either in liquid bottles or opening up capsules, under your eyes (but not too close to your actual eyeballs!) and on your lips helps keep elasticity and makes them feel softer.

• Sugar scrubs can be made at home or bought pre-made (pricier) and will slough off dead skin cells. This is especially useful for rough feet and elbows. Coconut oil (I know, it’s the current fad cure-all) also helps soften rough, cracked skin.

• Keeping nail polish in the fridge helps reduce the amount of coats needed and you make less mistakes from running. Also, Q-Tips are great for applying eye shadow. These aren’t hygiene tips per se, but good tips for women.


75. Occasionally get your ears cleaned by a doctor.

“Occasionally get your ears cleaned by a doctor. You’ll be shocked by what your Q-tip is not getting. You can have a mass in there the size of your pinkie finger and still hear.”

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