75 Great Hygiene Tips To Practice So You Aren’t Smelly And Disgusting

51. Clean your whole mouth when you brush, not just your teeth.

1. Clean your whole mouth when you brush, not just your teeth. Do gumline, gums, roof of mouth and tongue. All the little nooks and crannies. An electric toothbrush with a small head will do much better at cleaning the very back of your mouth than an acoustic toothbrush. Also floss. A lot of the surface area inside your mouth is actually between the teeth. There’s no point cleaning only half of your mouth. That’s like only washing half of a dirty plate.

2. Wash your clothes properly. Deodorants can ‘clag’ up in the underarm area of shirts. Even if it’s not obviously visible, even a small amount of old deodorant can hold onto that horrid BO smell and release it when the fabric is made warm—like when you wear it.

The BO smell is cause by bacterial activity. Treat it as such:

Turn the shirt inside-out and lay it on a waterproof surface (bath, kitchen counter, similar). Boil the kettle, then pour a small amount of boiling water on the underarm areas of the shirt. Next, rub a small amount of biological laundry liquid into the underarm areas of the shirt. Leave to soak in for a few minutes, then put shirt through the laundry in the ordinary way.

Obviously, you need to be careful with particularly delicate fabrics but you’ll find it doesn’t do any harm at all to cotton, T-shirt material, and other everyday fabrics.”


52. Dry-brush before you shower.

“I know this goes beyond personal hygiene but dry brushing before you shower. If you don’t know what it is, Google it.

No need to be walking around with dead skin cells.

If you want to go one step further for really nice skin, once you turn off the water in the shower, before you dry off, use coconut oil or jojoba oil, or even Shea butter on your skin. Then gently pat dry.

I don’t know the science behind it but I haven’t had a sunburn in over 10 years since doing this, and my skin has a nice tanny glow to it.”


53. Start flossing so people don’t have to smell your ass mouth.

“After years, decades of failing to floss regularly, most teeth develop pockets under the gum line that get populated by bacteria that cause terrible breath.

No amount of tongue brushing or flossing will get rid of the bad breath and constant bad taste in your mouth. Once you have established pockets, you must have a dentist do biannual maintenance and floss regularly (I use a Waterpik).

If I could go back in time, I would warn my 16-year-old self to start flossing. It’s a terrible feeling to have to constantly worry about people smelling your ass mouth.”


54. Wash your asshole with soap and water after every time you poo.

“Every time I poo, I wash my asshole well with soap and water then wipe with tissue to dry. I’m an Asian, and I do not understand how Westerners can poop and just wipe with tissue. I had a friendly debate one time with a Spanish guy joking (and being racist) on how his race is advanced and far more superior than where I came from, and that they have been civilized way before my country has even been discovered. He bragged on how he (Europeans) was the reason why I know how to use a knife and a fork…so i told him that he was correct but after all this bragging on how he was the start of civilization, how come was he using paper to wipe his butthole like a caveman?”


55. Put on deodorant before you go to bed.

“If you have smelly pits, try putting on deodorant before you go to bed instead of in the morning. The instructions even say to do so; it works way better if it hangs out on your body for a few hours before you start sweating tons.”


56. Remove your stank-ass tonsil stones.

“If you get bad breath quite a bit (think of that rotten, mothball smelling bad breath) you may have tonsil stones. Learn how to remove them, they’re calcified food that just ~live~ in your mouth and I’m surprised no one I know is aware of them.”


57. Wash your asshole.

“Wash your asshole. Seriously soap, water, lather, rinse, repeat. I should not have to smell shit the second you enter the room from a football field away.”


58. Milk of magnesia is a phenomenal deodorant.

“Magnesium milk is a phenomenal deodorant. It reacts with the acids that bacteria produce (which makes BO) and neutralizes them so that you’re not covering up the smell, you are actually getting rid of it! Plus it lasts quite a long time (I can go up to 24 hours with no problem), and you can use any perfume with it, since it has no smell.”


59. Females, it’s a really good idea to use cleansing wipes or creams with beneficial bacteria after receiving oral sex.

“Females, it’s a really good idea to use cleansing wipes or creams with beneficial bacteria after receiving oral sex. Saliva washes away your natural fauna, which allows for yeast to take over. I also recommend sleeping completely naked if you’re infection-prone. Aeration is good for preventing the growth of excessive bacteria. If that sounds weird to you, try just sleeping in cotton underwear.”


60. Wash your genitals.

“Wash your genitals—ballsack or flaps, penis or vulva, get to know your downstairs friend and how they feel/smell. Keeping them clean (plain water is good for vulvas as some soaps can irritate and cause problems, also under that foreskin for the uncircumcised) means if you ever pull, you don’t have the stank going on.

Also, it means if they do smell or look a bit funky, you can let the STI clinic/your doctor know, cos it could be something gross in there.”




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