33 People Confess The Cruelest Thing They Ever Did To An Ex


“In the 1990s a girl I wanted to be with spurned me because she ‘doesn’t date lame-ass white boys’ and she hooked up with a street thug who is trying to get a gangsta rap album. I thought I was in love, but I hated her so much I wished the worst for her. Fast forward to 2012, and she contacts me via Facebook looking to ‘Catch up’ and see what I’m up to. I’m married and have a family so I kind of got over her ass, but when I got that message I saw red….Her profile was a few days old and I sensed she was only letting me know so much. So I used one of my alternate profiles and searched around until I found her main. She was living with a man in his sixties while trying to raise up four kids all with different baby-daddies. I led her on in the conversations and screenshotted the whole thing before emailing the screens to her ‘Sugardaddy,’ letting him see how she was looking to start over with me, that she was sorry she didn’t give me a proper chance….He…decided to leave her and the four hellions she had by moving out of the trailer they were crowded in and moving into his own place….She was pissed off; I mean, I could see the little nuclear cloud all the way from my house.”

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