30 People Describe The Most INSANE Thing They Ever Saw At A Party

4. the monster with green testicles

“Went to a St. Patrick’s Day frat party during undergrad. There was some jacked football player wearing a kilt and flashing everyone his green-painted balls. He would just run into a room, jump on a table and kinda wag it around a bit, then run to another room. It was funny because there were these patches of green on couches and chairs, so you knew where he had been sitting through the night. A little later we saw a girl come out of a bathroom and flash us a big green smile.”

5. a woman attempted to shove a big telescope up her pussy

“Went to a friends house party around 7 years ago. There were at least 100 people in a two up two down house…. most people in a room witnessing a girl attempting to fit a pretty big telescope in her pussy. It was messed-up.”

6. ‘now you wanna go joyriding?’

“So years ago, when I was 19/20, I was in a hardcore metal band. We rented a house where the entire band lived, and we partied like crazy, every weekend. Hell, we would randomly get drunk for the fuck of it. At one point, this dude Tom… man… poor Tom…He rolls up to the party in this car, rolls down the window of the red Toyota, and yells, “HEY! WHO WANTS TO GO JOYRIDING!?!?”‘ The guitarist of my band comes out and goes, “Dude, I wouldn’t go joyriding with you unless you stole a bus.” Two hours later, a bus pulls up, he opens the doors, ‘Now you wanna go joyriding?’”


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