30 People Describe The Most INSANE Thing They Ever Saw At A Party

13. vomit on the ceiling of my bathroom

“A party I threw back in college I went to take a piss, I found there was vomit on ceiling of my bathroom. Minutes later my TV was on fire.”

14. urine-covered banana

“This girl that was a friend of a friend that nobody else really knew was clearly on something and was pretty out of it. We are all sitting around having a good time, when out of nowhere this girl stands up, walks to the refrigerator, opens the crisper drawer (which had a couple bananas in it) pulls down her pants and proceeds to squat and piss in the crisper. Nobody stopped her when we saw what was going on because I think we were all in shock and couldn’t really believe this was actually happening. Other friend that was trying to get with her, tried to calm the situation by grabbing a banana that had just been pissed on and peels it and eats it to show there is nothing wrong with them. Later in the night that girl gave a blowie to a 3rd friend in the back yard.”

15. bone-town in the bushes

“I was at a party in college, sitting on the front porch sipping a beer, when someone was forcibly ejected, thrown down the steps onto the concrete. Dude was fine, dusted himself off, turned around and ran back in. Came out two minutes later, unaccosted, with a girl on arm. They calmly walked down the steps he was so recently thrown down, made a hard left into the bushes, and immediately went to bone-town. They thought three-foot-tall shrubs would hide them completely. I saw. Everyone on the porch saw. Everyone walking down the busy college-town street saw. The public safety officer arrived, asked the girl ‘you good?’ She says ‘oh fuck yes!’ He proceeds to let them finish, then asks them to stay put, calls the cops, both get arrested.”


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